International Union of Health Promotion Education (IUHPE) Conference

7th-11th of April 2019

2019 is a special year for New Zealand, because the World Health Promotion Conference will be coming to Rotorua!

The IUHPE Conference is an annual event showcasing speakers from across the globe. In 2019, there will also be a strong focus on Waiora: Promoting Promoting Planetary Health and Sustainable Development. It is based on the traditional Maori concept of ‘Waiora’. Maori are the Indigenous peoples of Aotearoa New Zealand. Translated literally as ‘healing and healthy waters’, Waiora refers to the interconnectedness of our physical and spiritual worlds with our environment. As a theme, Waiora reflects the dependence of our own health on that of our planet, and recognises the major global challenge of balancing ongoing development with environmental stewardship. 

Recognising that most determinants of health in fact lie outside the health sector, a key focus will be the need for increased dialogue with other sectors and disciplines. Other issues addressed will include:

  • The impact of climate change on individual and community health
  • Addressing the challenges faced by communities within this global context
  • How best to balance sustainable development with healthy environments

The conference is calling for abstracts until the end of Aug 2018.

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